Halloween At Booths

Boo! Summer is gone, the nights are getting darker, and Booths are ready to help you through the scary month of October.



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This October, hang up the decorations, pick out the scary costumes and prepare for the spooky season as we take you through some of our Halloween themed treats, no tricks included!

Petrifying Pumpkins


Coming into both stores and online this month only is the return of Booths Pumpkins! Big or small, cute or creepy, we have plenty of variations to choose from. Maybe this year you’re thinking of going for a fairy tale Halloween? If so, look no further than our Cinderella Pumpkins, guaranteed to keep the spirits far far away. Or maybe you want a speciality pumpkin this year? Choose from one of the various colours available to help your house stand out to the trick-or-treaters! If none of these are right for you, why not go with a traditional option? Whichever you decide on, you can be sure you chose correctly with Booths!

Spine Chilling Confectionery 

After some sweet treats for your trick-or-treaters? Where better to go than Booths to help keep the tricks away and the treats flowing! Be it bags of chocolates or packets of sweets, Booths have all sorts of options for you to choose from should you want to avoid any upset costumed characters. We’ve selected a small part of our range below but if that isn’t what you’re after you can find more by clicking the button below.

Frightening Fruit


Trying to bring about a healthier Halloween this year? As responsible as it is of you, it might be a challenge with all the sweet-talk going around this time of the year. Time to get creative! Certain fruits look very similar to pumpkins making it very easy to style them as such. A careful hand could easily cut a pumpkin’s smile into an orange or a larger fruit such as a melon. Or, you could get a selection of apples and get your kids apple bobbing to turn it into a game of who can grab the most apples!

So with all these spooky deals to grab at Booths it would be frightening not to start shopping today! Find all the above products and more on our Everyday Click and Collect site. Just click the button below and start your Booths journey now!