Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a home delivery service?

We currently do not offer a home delivery service. 

We have a range of Booths brand products available for home delivery to certain areas on Amazon Fresh. 

What is the charge for the click and collect service?

We add a £4.00 collection charge to all click and collect orders.  This cost will include the cost of any paper bags used to pack your order.

What is the minimum order value?

There is a £20.00 minimum order value for each order placed and a £20.00 deposit must be paid upon ordering.  Our store colleagues will call you on the day of collection to take telephone payment for the balance of the order.

Can I pay in full online for my order?

Unfortunately, our website is not currently able to take payment in full.  We will be introducing this later in the year.

How will my order be packed?

Your order will be packed into paper Booths bags which can be recycled.

Why is the in-store full range not on the website?

We are working hard to list as many lines as possible and we hope to have in the region of 10,000 products listed in the near future.

Will I get any order confirmation?

Once your order has been placed we will email an order confirmation to you showing the items ordered, collection details and balance to pay.

How can I amend my order?

It is not currently possible to amend your order online although we do hope to have this functionality added later this year.  Please call our customer care team on 0370 774 9506 who will gladly assist you. 

Where can I get further help and advice?

 Please call our customer care team on 0370 774 9506 or use the contact us form on the website and we will gladly assist you.